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Rates are all based
by breed.
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Services We Provide
Full Service Bath and Brush
Nail trim, pad cleanup, an all-natural bath & brushing!
Full Service Styling
Bath & Brush service, along with a breed standard or
custom style.
De-Shed is included for all double coated breeds!
     All Inclusive Spa Treatment!

* Teeth brushing *
Freshens breath while fighting tartar build up.

* Aromatherapy facial treatment *
Cleanses and soothes your pet promoting a
* All natural calming liquid (optional) *
Derived from plants, 100% safe and all natural.
Helps calm your pet and relieve any anxiety.

* Hydro massage *
Relieves the muscle tension your pet could be

* Deep conditioning treatment *
Renews the moisture to your pets skin and coat.
Nail Trim $5.00
Anal glands $5.00
Nail Trim  $5.00
Anal Glands  $ 5.00

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